Intelligent DDoS Mitigation - Prevent DDoS Attacks

Technologies Mitigate DDoS Attacks

Security Master
Full name Huynh Quoc Viet Quang
Place of birthTien Giang, Vietnam

TinyLinux Firewall:

Tinylinux firewall is a firewall, it is a software running by commands of linux server (server-based) and a way to protect the machine from any unwanted traffic from outside and tinylinux firewall is web panel network leading education and online security technology.


WebPanel is a application of software running by commands of linux server (server-based) and lead to educate the technology.

A web server is software running on server hardware, dedicated to run applications and which meet customer requirement of webpage on the world wide.

Generally, a web server can contain one or more websites. A web server handles incoming network requests over HTTP and a number of other related protocols.


When using a nginx web server professionally, it is important to stay creative. The applications integrate into the web server the distribution packages and generate some binaries that you compile properly.​


High-performance tinylinux firewall uses for stop all known and unknown threats on virtual server.

Proxy Reverse:

The system using iptables or nginx transfers the traffics to one or more servers behind invisible.


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